Stability and investment protection
Our enterprise has been developing software for commercial solutions since 1977. In 1981 we developed an ERP with bookkeeping and payroll accounting for a pharmaceutical company near Basel. In 1984 this software was ported onto a German manufacturer's hardware platform. This software was then ported onto Windows in 1995, in co-operation with the data base manufacturer SEBAG. For many of our customers, the need to migrate to another system has never arisen, once they have experienced the advantages and benefits of our solutions. Do you have any questions about our software offer?

  • Financial accounting
  • ERP
  • Data bases
  • Webdesign
  • Server for E-Mail, Fax and Voice Mail
  • Web server
  • Communication solutions
  • Web Conferencing with integrated voice, video, and data collaboration
  • Fastviewer Ad hoc Desktop-Sharing
  • World-wide, secure remote control software
  • Video monitoring 180/360
  • VoIP voice recording